The Unanswered Prayer Course

Do you have questions about why God seems to answer some prayers, whilst others go seemingly unanswered? Have you ever spent time feeling as though your prayers are just bouncing off the ceiling? Would you like to go deeper in your understanding of what happens when we pray and be encouraged in finding the presence of God in difficult times?

Over this Lent, we will be hosting the Unanswered Prayer Course - a new course from 24/7 Prayer which opens up opportunities to dig into some of the harder questions we might have about prayer.

Over five weeks, we will watch the course material together, hosted by Pete Greig, founder of 24/7 Prayer and the author of God on Mute. Each session will pick up on themes from Jesus' journey through his final days towards the cross, and will feature interviews with guests sharing their understanding of God at work in the midst of real challenges to their faith. There will be time, too, to discuss and pray about what we've heard in smaller groups.

All are welcome to join us for the first session on Thursday 25th Feb at 8pm. Please email to be sent the Zoom meeting link.