What's on...

We have a whole host of ministries and activities at and around Christ Church. Here's the week ahead and links to what we do.

Tuesday 28 September
  • 8:30am Morning Prayer

    We say Morning Prayer at 8:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays   You can join us in church or watch or join in via a live-stream on our Facebook page. You don't need an account to watch! The link to the Facebook page can be found here. 

  • 9:00am Staff meeting
Thursday 30 September
  • 8:30am Morning Prayer

    You can join us for Morning Prayer at 8:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays in church or join in via a live-stream on our Facebook page which can be found hereYou don't need an account to watch!
    The order of service for each day can be found here or by downloading the Daily Prayer app to your phone or tablet.

Sunday 3 October
  • 11:00am 11am service

    Our main morning service now takes place in the church building and simultaneously streamed live on our facebook page on Sunday mornings at 11am. Our groups for children and young people now meet weekly again and we would love to see more and more returning over the coming weeks!

    We are continuing to be cautious in our approach and our seating remains socially distanced. We are singing again but currently continue to wear masks during the service. We have a 'non-singing section' at the back for those who want or need to remain especially careful.

    Please email Jonathan our Vicar if you have any questions regarding our service arrangements on vicar@gipsyhill.org.uk.

  • 6:30pm Inspire

    Inspire is an informal service of modern worship, teaching and prayer ministry. We are thinking this term about what it means to abide in Jesus - how can we engage with God in our every day lives, walking in faithful obedience in a way that excites and sustains us.

    Come and join us!