Faith, Hope, Love and Lament

A sermon series for Summer 2019


5th       Faith             God the Father

12th     Hope              Living in the presence of God

19th     Love               Compassion

(Speaker from Compassion International)

26th    Lament          Finding God in the dark times of life



2nd      Faith               God the Son

9th       Hope              Hope in and for a hopeless world?

16th     Love               Love is…

23rd    Lament          Facing up to domestic violence

(speaker from Restored)

30th     Love               Love in action…



7th       Faith               God the Holy Spirit

14th     Hope              Hope for the future

21st     Lament          Wrestling with illness


And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13 

Probably one of the most famous passages in the Bible, Paul’s exposition on the nature of love ends with this wonderful verse of encouragement: three elements that are at the heart of our belief in, and encounter with, God.

As we explore those fundamental aspects of our lives as followers of Jesus, we recognise that we do so in a world that remains impacted by sin, and that our faith leads us through both green pastures and the dark valleys of this life.

So this term we are exploring those three - faith, hope and love - alongside lament: how we hold on to the promises of God as we journey through dark and difficult times.

As well as our regular team of speakers, including our new curate Emma Lowth, we have guest speakers from Compassion International, working with children in poverty across the world, and Restored, a charity that encourages the church to support those facing domestic violence.

I hope together we will continue to build confidence in our faith, and not shy away from difficult questions, as we seek to work out what it means to seek the Kingdom of God, and follow Jesus day by day.