Black Lives Matter

The past two weeks have been a defining moment in our social, cultural and political life. George Floyd’s death in the United States on 25 May and the conversation it has re-enlivened in this country has created a new momentum towards a re-evaluation of who we are as a society – past and present – and who we hope to be.    Many of us can sense that the Holy Spirit is at work among us, impelling us to embrace more fully the justice of God.  Let us listen, learn and pray through the issues the ongoing demonstrations and debate raise for us all.  And let us be ready to be changed, and to act!

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A Prayer of Solidarity

God of mercy and compassion, we bring forth into your presence all the communities that are experiencing segregation, discrimination and oppression based on caste, class, creed, colour and gender. It is your death on the cross that has put an end to all enmity by breaking down the walls that separate us. We ask you to empower us O Lord, to tear down the fences of hatred and indifference. Liberate us from the bonds of pride and self-seeking. Enable and strengthen us to overcome our prejudices and fears. Grant us your courage to open ourselves to others, so that we may continue to live in solidarity with oppressed communities. Amen.

– From the National Council of Churches in India, Dalit Liberation Sunday 2009